• K2 Snowboards K2 First Lite

    The First Lite is an easy-turning and catch-free board that’s perfect for matching your developing skills on the mountain. It’s full wood core delivers the responsiveness and board feel you need for taking your skills to the next level, and the Catch-Free Rocker Baseline™ helps initiate turns with ease. The First Lite’s tip and tail have been reinforced with K2’s Hybritech™ construction, guiding your progression run after run.
    UVP: 329,99€*
  • Ride Snowboards K2 Women Lime Lite

    The K2 Snowboarding Alliance is all about showing what lady shredders are made of, and the K2 Lime Lite is your ticket to leveling up. We’ve reconfigured the volume in this women’s-specific Rhythm Core™ to reduce swing weight and improve edge-to-edge control so you can focus on quick trick progression and all-around freestyle festivities. The Lime Lite’s Freestyle Baseline™ has a flat mid-section and small, blended rocker amplified with Tweekend™ tips to improve predictability. Throw in a lightweight Carbon Web™ for greater torsional grip and powerful ollie pop and you’ve got yourself a star.

    UVP: 429,99 €*
  • Ride Snowboards Ride Rapture

    Designed to be fun from your first run, the Rapture is a snowboard that is built to give you the confidence to learn and progress. The Rapture features the durability of Slimewalls combined with a softer flex and rocker twin shape for a snowboard that is ideal for learning how to link turns, go fast, or pick up a few tricks in the park. The Rapture has the features you need to help you get confident and have fun on a snowboard.
    UVP: 349,99€*
  • K2 Snowboards K2 Women Bright Lite

    When the lights power up for a chilly night sesh, you’re going to be one of the few still running laps on the revamped K2 Bright Lite. This board was designed by the women of the K2 Snowboarding Alliance to take on unlimited all-day snow days. We’ve redistributed the volume in our signature Rhythm Core™ for less swing weight and more play time, and our patented Hybritech™ construction consistently delivers light, smooth turns and long-lasting durability. The K2 Bright Lite’s All-Terrain Baseline™ rocker makes each run feel fresh, from first chair to last call.

    UVP: 399,99 €*